Amanda Cole


• PhD (Music Composition) Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of
Sydney (2008). Thesis titled: Compositions Exploring Microtonal Structures and
Interference Beats
• Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition, (First Class Honours) - Sydney
Conservatorium of Music. Honours thesis titled: Harry Partch’s Just Intonation.
• Private study of electro-acoustic composition with Professor Denis Smalley at
City University in London in 2005 for two months (Big Brother Scholarship).
• Private Study of the microtonal tuning systems of Ervin Wilson with Kraig
Grady, 2009.
• HSC -Newtown High School of the Performing Arts (Piano)

• 2016 - A Galaxy of Suns - Live sonification of start data for choir. Performed by
Gurt Lush choir, Bristol as part of the Bristol Bienalle.
• 2016 – A Galaxy of Suns, Live sonification of start data for choir. Performed by
The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Chorus Choir for Dark MOFO, Hobart,
• 2016 – Air, Soprano, Harp & Flute. Commissioned and performed by Jane
Sheldon for her ‘Symbioses’ concert series.
• 2015 – Lumina, Recorder duet with interactive coloured light. Performed by The
Recorder Project, Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre, Sydney, Vivid Festival.
• 2013 – Aether, Percussion Trio for Microtonal Glass Harmonica. Performed by
Amanda Cole, Bree Van Reyk (Synergy Percussion) and Joshua Hill (Synergy
Percussion). Performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Sydney.
• 2013 – Vibraphone Theories, Vibraphone and Sine Tones. Performed in New
York by Sean Statser.
• 2012 – Intermetallic, performed by Synergy Percussion at the Casula Powerhouse
as part of the Aurora Festival.
• 2011 – Hydra, performed by Ensemble Offspring at the Sydney Opera House.
• 2010 – Polymetrica, performed by Looking Glass Percussion Ensemble at the
Australian Institute of Music.
• Glisten: Electronic Music Composition Selected for inclusion for the 2010
International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), 2010.
• Vibraphone Theories: Vibraphone and sequenced sine tone interference beats.
Performed by Kroumata (leading European percussion ensemble) International
Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM) Festival, 2009, Gothenburg, Sweden.
This piece has been performed throughout Europe and recorded by Portuguese
percussionist Nuno Aroso on his CD Technicolor [Aroso 001CD.SPA]
• Tetrachrome: Microtonal Saxophone Quartet Performed at the Music Workshop
by Nexas Quartet, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 2009. Commissioned by
Nexas Quartet through the Australia Council for the Arts.
• Choreosound 09: an artistic lab that focused on the process of composing
contemporary dance and music and was designed to explore and develop the
collaboration between choreographers and composers. Five choreographers and
five composers, ten dancers and ten musicians within the field of contemporary
dance and music participated. A Public Demo took place at Pustervik,
Gothenburg, Sweden on October 1st.
• Sine Fields: Mixed ensembles and sequenced sine tone interference beats
Performed by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s ‘Modern Music Ensemble’,
2009. Conducted by Daryl Pratt.
• 2003 – Cirrus, percussion trio for custom built Microtonal Glass Harmonica was
performed by Ensemble Offspring at the Paddington Uniting Church.

• 2014 Amanda worked with architect Lindsay Webb to create a site-specific sound
installation in the Australia Square Building for the Expanded Architecture
• 2010 Stereo Typed (group exhibition) at the Object Gallery Sydney. Collaboration
between Amanda Cole (Sydney) and Ellen Lupton (New York). September 4 –
• 2010 – 59th Blake Art Prize, finalist with collaborative work Twitter Hymn Book,
National art School Gallery, Sydney, September 3 – October 3.
• 2010 – Interactive Installation: Twitterphonicon by Warren Armstrong and
Amanda Cole displayed in foyer of UTS for the New Interfaces for Musical
Expression (NIME) conference.
• 2010 – Installation: Programmable Light Metronome exhibited in ‘Dorkbot:
people doing strange things with electricity’ exhibition. Serial Space, Sydney.
• 2008 – Interactive Installation The Elastic Band by Amanda Cole, Jo Cuzzi and
Patsy Lamana. Exhibited at Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney.
• 2007, Drawings on envelopes exhibited in the group exhibition ‘Art Groupie’ at
Tap Gallery.

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