CORONAL MASS - LIVE SONIFICATION OF THE EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD - Brand new live data sonification project in collaboration with visual artist Michaela Gleave and computer programmer Warren Armstrong. This piece will be premiered at DARK MOFO in June this year!

What: An electrically charged wave of sound surges through the gallery, transcribing the patterns of solar wind and the Aurora Australis.

When: Opening Thursday 13 June 5th - 6pm - 10pm. Then Friday 14th of June to Sunday the 23rd of June 10am until 4pm.

Where: Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre.

Details: darkmofo.net.au


SOUND LIGHT GEOMETRIES CONCERT - New work 'Bowing Rainbows' for violin, wineglasses, computer, piano strings and coloured light. Part of the 2018 Backstage Music program. 

What: New 8-minute live performance piece exploring additive colour in both sound and light. Natural harmonic frequencies found on the strings of the violin are played individually and combined to make contrasting electronic and acoustic textures and timbres. The three wineglasses will each trigger a RGB colour when played that will be used to to explore additive luminosity.    

When: Saturday 11th of August

Where: Woodburn Creatives, Redfern.

Details: http://www.backstagemusic.com.au/sound-light-geometries-ensembl-onsombl


MUSIC IN THIS STILLNESS - New work 'Loom Patterns' for portative organ and sine tones commissioned by the Art Gallery of NSW in response to the famous Lady and the Unicorn tapestries currently being exhibited. This new work will be performed by the fabulous Bree Van Ryek.

What: New 5 minute solo for portative organ and sine tones

When: May 9, 7:30pm-8.30pm (Art After Hours Program)

Where: Foyer - Art Gallery of NSW

Details: https://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/calendar/music-stillness-2018/


THE ALTITUDE PROJECT - A Galaxy of Suns (sound installation, 6 speakers playing live percussion stars)

What: A Galaxy of Suns (sound installation, 6 speakers playing live percussion twinkle stars). BYO picnic.

When: Saturday 4th of November, Entry from 5:30pm

Where: Linden Observatory, 105 Glassop Road, Linden NSW

Details: www.thealtitudeproject.com



What: A Galaxy of Suns features a 36-part choir ‘singing’ the stars as they rise and set over the horizon.

When : Tuesday 10 Oct 2017, 7.00- 8.00pm

Where : The Ian Potter Museum of Art




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