Amanda Cole



Vibraphone Theories is a set of three rhythmic pieces for vibraphone and sine tones interference beats. The sine tones are played as a stereo electronic music part during a live performance. Microtonal intervals in the sine tone part create amplitude beats, which have been sequenced to create the rhythms notated in the score. When the vibraphone plays notes close in pitch to notes in the sine tone part, additional beating is created. The similar timbres of the vibraphone and sine tones are blended together to sound like one instrument, where the interference beats sound similar to vibrato.  

Vibraphone Theories was performed by Kroumata in Sweden for the 2009 International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM) festival. This piece was also recorded by Portuguese percussionist Nuno Aroso for his CD Technicolor. It has since been performed in New York by Sean Statser in an ExhAust concert titled 'Sine & Syrinx' (2013) and by Daniel Pate in the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (2016).



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