"Bowing Rainbows' is a composition by Amanda Cole for a custom built wine glass instrument that triggers electronic music and coloured light, violin and piano interior. Each glass is a different RGB colour that triggers the same colour light. When two glasses are bowed the coloured lights are mixed to make a secondary colour.

An excerpt from ‘Coronal Mass’ by Micheala Gleave, Amanda Cole & Warren Armstrong, which was recently presented at DARK MOFO. Coronal Mass is ‘an electrically-charged wave of sound surges through the gallery, transcribing the patterns of solar wind and the Aurora Australis.’ This work was installed in the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre between June 14-23 2019. Presented by Salamanca Arts Centre and Dark Mofo. This project was assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

World premiere of Orbital Resonance, composed by Amanda Cole. World Premiere by Ensemble Offspring for the Hatched Summer School 2018 Concerts. Glebe Town Hall, 14th December 2018. http://ensembleoffspring.com/the-music/events-2018/hatched-summer-school-concert/ Orbital Resonance was commissioned by Ensemble Offspring through the Noisy Egg Creation Fund.
Solo for organetto and sine tones. Performed by Bree Van Reyk. Commissioned by and presented at the Art Gallery of NSW in the 'Music in This Stillness' concert as part of the 'Art After Hours' program, in association with the 'Lady and the Unicorn' tapestries on exhibit.
A Galaxy of Suns Michaela Gleave with Amanda Cole and Warren Armstrong 2016 Bristol Biennial: In Other Worlds 4 & 8 September Staple Hill Tunnel, Bristol A Galaxy of Suns 'plays' the stars as they rise and set over 360˚ of the horizon.
Preview of smart phone app: A Galaxy of Suns Register your interest at www.agalaxyofsuns.net A Galaxy of Suns is a smart phone app and associated performance project that 'plays' the stars as they rise and set over 360˚ of the horizon - for any location on Earth.
Thanks to: Synergy - http://www.synergypercussion.com/ Catalyst - https://www.arts.gov.au/ Arts NSW - http://www.arts.nsw.gov.au/ Yellow House Gallery - http://yellowhousesydney.com.au/
Percussion quartet by Amanda Cole for metallic percussion including Sixxens. Commissioned and performed by Synergy Percussion. Casula Powerhouse, May 5th 2012.
Aether (excerpt) for Microtonal Glass Harmonica by Amanda Cole. Performed by Amanda Cole, Bree Van Reyk (Synergy Percussion) and Joshua Hill (Synergy Percussion) at Artbar at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 2012

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